Celebrating Excellence: Michael Burnett of Capitol Hill Receives ACHCA’s Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award

In the realm of healthcare administration, exceptional leadership can elevate a facility to new heights of excellence. With this being said, it is a pleasure to announce that Michael Burnett has been honored with the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award, presented by the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA). As the administrator of Capitol Hill, Burnett’s outstanding leadership qualities and significant contributions to the healthcare industry have rightfully earned him this recognition.

Committed to Excellence

Being presented with the award multiple times now, Michael Burnett has distinguished himself as a profound leader and is now among an elite group of post-acute professionals nationally. Serving as the floor administrator for four years, Burnett had the opportunity to learn his profession inside and out before jumping to the administrator position. Going on eight years at Capitol Hill, Burnett has consistently demonstrated his ability to maintain the highest standards of care and operational excellence.

Throughout his career, Burnett has been able to fine-tune his expertise, earning the trust and respect of colleagues and staff alike. His ability to inspire, motivate, and lead by example has contributed greatly to the growth and success of Capitol Hill. Solidifying its position as a leading healthcare institution. Establishing a culture based on clear communication, strategic vision, and emphasizing staff development has raised overall internal employee satisfaction. 


The American College of Health Care Administrators is a non-profit professional membership organization that was established in 1962. Their vision is “To be the premier membership organization providing professional leadership and professional development opportunities for post-acute and aging services health care leaders.” The association has a strong code of ethics, is highly respected, and offers several opportunities for its members such as:

  • Educational Programming
  • Networking
  • Career Development
The Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award

The Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award, presented by the ACHCA is a reputable accolade reserved for administrators who achieve outstanding results and provide valuable guidance within their respective organizations. The award is named after Eli Pick, a pioneer in the long-term care leadership landscape with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Pick wanted to develop an award program that uses “data-driven factors in order to objectively identify high-performing Skilled Nursing Facilities and the leaders that make them successful.” The award represents the highest standards of quality care, employee engagement, and operational success. The acknowledgment is a testament to Burnett’s ability to cultivate a work environment of collaboration, compassion, and continuous improvement.