CNA training

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Earn While You Learn

In just three weeks, you can become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and be on the path to a future in healthcare. 

As a Certified Nursing Assistant trainee, you are on the fast track to a rewarding career. No college education or previous experience is needed and you can earn while you learn. As part of our award-winning team of professionals, you will enrich the health and lives of residents. We provide safe and compassionate care by embracing our core principles: coaching, customer service, ethics, goals, innovation, responsibility, teamwork, and trust.

If you believe in caring for others with compassion, if you’re ready to trade in a job to build a career, join us.

Our residents spend more time with our Certified Nursing Assistants so you are essential to protecting their health and safety. Your presence is a reassurance and your interaction with them brightens their day.

Capitol Hill ensures our CNAs always have the support they need to continue to improve life for themselves and their families. In addition to competitive wages and health benefits, we offer education incentives for CNAs who want to grow their healthcare career.

If you have a heart for caring and want a place to thrive, join us!

your journey starts here

You Can Make A Difference

CNA Training program

Training Information

This course of study provides instruction on utilizing a humanistic approach to provide basic care to people in a variety of health care settings. Students will understand how health care systems operate and will learn the skills necessary to function safely and efficiently in a health care setting.

This program provides instruction both in the classroom and clinical setting. After program completion, students must successfully pass their state exam for certification.

CNA’s are responsible for many resident care tasks to ensure that each resident receives the personalized care they need. During our clinical opportunities the trainees are given the following responsibilities and must successfully check off in the skills lab prior to performing care on the residents on the units. The student must perform the following skills correctly and demonstrate knowledge on the purpose of each step in the check-off.

  1. Grooming and bathing residents
  2. Assist with feeding residents
  3. Obtain and monitor vital signs and report abnormalities to the charge nurse
  4. Observe patient behaviors and report to the charge nurse
  5. Turning and repositioning residents in bed to prevent wounds or other discomfort
  6. Providing PROM to upper and lower extremities
  7. Preparing rooms for admits and discharges
  8. Communicating with residents

Each session lasts three weeks: two weeks of in-class instruction with one week on a clinical rotation.

Daily class times are Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm.

All classes and clinical rotations are held at Capitol Hill Healthcare, 540 S Hull Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.

All registered applicants will be notified prior to start of training.

  1. High school diploma and/or GED
  2. Effective communication skills
  3. Good teamwork skills
  4. Excellent interpersonal skills including customer service, patience, empathy and compassion
  5. Willingness to learn and advance in the medical field
  1. Text books are provided to each student
  2. Students must wear scrubs and adhere to facility policy for dress codes
  3. 100% daily attendance is required for completion of program
  4. This is a paid training program
  5. Graduates of the program will be interviewed by Capitol Hill Healthcare and hired following a successful background check and drug screening
  6. The certification you earn is recognized by the State of Alabama

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